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Curtis Technology is at the heart of major sonar systems used by Navies throughout the world.

 Extracts from "Jane's Naval Review"

Towed-array systems

A number of navies employ towed-array systems in addition to hull-mounted sonars, the foremost being those of the USA, UK, France and the Netherlands.

The latest British towed-array systems include the Waverley Type 2031Z, to be fitted to all new Royal Navy ASW frigates, and the Ferranti Type 2046 passive system, under development for submarines.

Both embody the advanced Curtis electronic architecture, developed at the Admiralty Research Establishment, in their processing systems. Curtis techniques allow the on-board hardware to be made much smaller and cheaper.

GEC Avionics has designed and supplied two towed arrays, the Type 2026 for submarines and the Type 2031(I) for surface ships.


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