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Our high performace NCVP DSP module is pin compatible with our existing range of BCVP DSP modules.

The module integrates two 14bit ADC, with sampling up to 105MSamples/second, and a matching twin 14bit DAC. DSP number crunching is provided by a Xilinx Virtex 2 FPGA and the module also provides 12Mbytes of high speed SRAM (5ns access time).

Modules have been used by a prime UK military contractor for real-time radio processing, to implement real-time data aquisition, signal archiving and spectral manipulation (in the frequency domain using FFT/IFFT techniques), with a full 100Msamples/second I/O rate on four radio channels.

It provides FFT/IFFT processing with 1024 point complex transforms implemented in less than 400nS. PCI motherboards are also available for software and systems development, together with Windows NT kernel mode drivers and demonstration code (both source and executable).

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