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Sonar 2031CT

CPU Processor Card

The Sonar 2031 DSP Processor uses Microsoft Windows NT running on an Intel Pentium CPU. This COTS CPU card is a complete PC on a single Compact PCI card. Powered by an Intel Pentium III processor running at 650MHz, with 256Mb of SDRAM memory installed, the CPU card contains both VGA video and Ethernet NIC circuitry, plus provides the following additional interfaces  1 IDE interface supporting up to 2 drives1 Floppy Disk interface supporting up to 2 drives2 RS232 serial ports1 Printer parallel port1 PS/2 Keyboard connector1 PS/2 Mouse / Trackerball connector1 USB controller and connector1 RJ45 Ethernet port1 VGA video connector
A SCSI interface is also available via the Compact PCI backplane, with the Curtis Technology SCSI/Audio card providing access to it.

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