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"The High Performance DSP Specialists"

Curtis Technology specialise in providing compact, modular solutions for Radar, Sonar and other DSP applications. The company has considerable experience in developing real-time DSP solutions for military applications. We supply a range of data acquisition and processing modules that can be configured to provide the massive processing power needed for many time and frequency domain processing applications.

Data acquisition systems, based on our proprietary delta-sigma converter technology, allow data from many sensors to be captured simultaneously. Typically these ADC modules each handle between 32 and 256 channels. Larger numbers of channels are handled using multiple units: systems with in excess of 10,000 channels have been built for military applications. Data capture bandwidths from a few Hz to several hundred kHz are available.

Processing systems, using proprietary algorithms implemented on both FPGAs and custom silicon ICs, are available in small stacking modules. These DSP modules provide high FFT processing capability in a very small volume. For example, a single BCVP/80 module calculates a 1024-point complex FFT with a sustained processing bandwidth exceeding 30 million complex samples per second. Modules are easily cascaded for higher performance, providing truly scalable parallel processing for FFT-based applications. Both standard form-factor PCI and Compact-PCI 3U-card based module carrier systems are also available.

Curtis Technology have considerable expertise in radar and sonar signal processing. In addition to our line of high performance modules, we offer services such as custom simulation tools, feasibility studies, algorithm development, system analysis and testing, prototype development and design consultancy. We specialise in rapid specification, design, construction and delivery of real time DSP systems for challenging high data rate environments.

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